Laundry Care Tips

  • Keep your care labels

    Care labels on garments are there for a reason – these helpful tags will guide you when it comes to taking care of your clothes and prolong their life.

  • Don't leave stains on for too long

    The older the stain is, the more stubborn it will be to get rid of it. if there is a particular stain which you cannot deal with, it is best to contact us and we will take care of it for you. 

  • Do not iron stains

    Ironing stains will lock the dirt in your garment, making it close to impossible to remove on your own. If you have any stains you need to get rid of, call us and we will handle it for you. 

  • Avoid water

    Avoid applying water to stubborn and fresh stains and this can cause a ring or blot around the original stain – expanding its surface area. 

  • Always notify your dry cleaner of the garment's history

    Whether you are looking to be rid of stains, fades or odours, it is best to advise your dry cleaner of your needs.

  • Avoid using sprays

    Protect your clothes from staining chemical agents such as deodorants, perfume and hair spray to avoid discolouration. 

  • Avoid direct sunlight

    Prolonged exposure to sunlight may damage any white, black or coloured clothes and the light and heat can fade the garment's colours.